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        Robert Moldowan, PhD, is a Naturopathic Physician, a Gestalt Psychotherapist, and the developer of the Moldova Technique of Energy Healing, a unique and highly-effective energy healing method.  Robert believes that all healing is self-healing and through his mystical Chinese teacher was taught that all issues of the body, mind, and spirit are caused by blockages in the natural flow of energy ( called chi ) within the body and its biofield.


       The Moldova Technique of Energy Healing is unique because it integrates Gestalt Psychotherapy, quantum field theory, frequency healing, and Traditional Chinese Energetic Medicine.  Robert uses his powerful intuition skills to identify the blockages in the flow of life energy. These blockages can then be removed to allow the patients to reestablish its natural flow of energies and to heal themselves.  To that end, Robert considers himself a facilitator of energy healing and his patient is the healer.


        There are two ways you can access the healing power of the Moldova Technique of Energy Healing and integrate its benefits into your life:


        • One-on-one consultation via telephone

        • Become a Member of the ABSOLUTE HEALING COMMUNITY.




       For years I worked on patients in my office and witnessed so many energetic healings.  I felt honored to be able to use these powers from Spirit to help those in need. Through the years, I developed these powers into a method of healing that I call the Moldova Technique. I use it every day and teach this technique in my training courses. But somehow I was never satisfied that I was doing enough for humanity and asked my guides for more. They responded that I should establish an energetic healing community, working on members from a distance, and doing so at the slight cost of less than a dollar a day. I set up Absolute Healing Community to accomplish this goal and offered it to some of my patients as a trial. I was amazed that I could work on so many patients at a time with the same results as a $150 office visit. In energy healing work, distance is not a factor, nor is seeing a patient or having them on the examining table in my office.


      So, with further guidance from Spirit, I am glad to offer everyone a membership in the Absolute Healing Community. You can sign up for one full year or for six months. You also can use PayPal to make monthly payments if that is more comfortable for you.


      After signing up, you will receive a welcome email from me and occasional emails that will inspire and educate you about energy healing and about our spiritual existence. Then, you have the choice of doing nothing more or you can send emails to me expressing how you feel and what you would want me to work on for you.. If you do nothing, be assured that your spirit guides will be in contact with me to direct your healing. You are strongly encouraged to keep a journal of how you are feeling each day. This is very important to gauge your progress. It need not be very detailed, just a sentence or two about how you are feeling in the moment.


      How long it will be before you can expect results depends upon your willingness to allow Spirit to work within you. Even the most difficult of non-believers tell me that they notice some changes. And all the changes are always for the betterment of your life. It can’t be any other way.


      There is no requirement to believe in any religion, dogma, societal norms, etc. There is only a need to be willing to allow your own energy to heal yourself. You see, all problems that we as humans have, are related to blockages of the normal flow of the life energy in our bodies and/or our biofields. My skills allow me to discover those blockages and remove/dissolve them.  Then you are in charge of letting the formerly blocked energy to flow in its normal path. Your Higher Self assists you as you do not have direct control over the energy flow. If you are sensitive, you will feel the reestablishment of the energy flow. In this way, as you can see, I am a facilitator and you are self healing. 


      Healing from a distance is identical except that you will have your blockages dissolved at anytime that I would be working on you and your Higher Self would ensure the reestablishment of the energy flow. Don’t be concerned about losing control of your car while driving because I removed a blockage. The entire process doesn’t affect you in any way that interferes with normal day or night activities. The most common description I hear from my patients is that they get a warm and happy feeling.  And that makes me happy too.


       If you consider yourself someone who strives to reach 100% of your potential, you know that no matter how strong you are, there are always more obstacles, challenges, and weaknesses to overcome.  So begin the process that will launch your life to that next level and contact Robert and then join the ABSOLUTE HEALING COMMUNITY.


      To become a member of Absolute Healing Community, please click on the button below. Enter all the information requested. As of now, the only method for payment that we use is PayPal. You can use a credit card on PayPal if you don't have an account with them. PayPal is the most secure and troublefree method we have found. If you would rather pay by check or moneyorder, please contact us and we will make arrangements for you to do so.


      We're so happy to have as a member.

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