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       Robert Moldowan was born in Canada where he practiced as a Gestalt Psychotherapist for many years before moving to Las Vegas to fulfill a spiritual quest.  He will be expanding on this episode in his life in his eBook, expected to be published in the fall of 2015.  From early childhood, Robert developed a deep connection to his spirit guides and has learned to follow their guidance.  It is through them that he is able to recognize the ailment that a person is suffering from as well as the best way to facilitate that person's energetic healing.  


       The most important skill that Robert has learned is to "get out of the way of someone's healing", a technique that is part of his Gestalt training.  He credits his mentor at the Gestalt Institute of Toronto, Jorge Rosner, who was for many years the President of the International Gestalt Society, for teaching him this technique.  When Robert developed the Moldova Technique of Energetic Healing, he incorporated this skill to make his method more powerful than could be achieved any other way.  One of the shortcomings of most energetic healing modalities is the insistance that the healer be responsible for the outcome.  This insistance puts the healer in a role of greater significance than the person receiving the healing. Robert's technique puts the healer in a facilitator's role and the person receiving the healing as the actual healer.  This removes all ego from the technique and requires humility, something that Robert has in abundance. 


       Robert has continued to learn new ways of dealing with his patients' problems from his guides and teaches these in his training workshops. Robert also continues his academic learning and recently received his Doctorate of Naturopathy.

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