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What is Energy Healing?


     ​There are pathways in your body, called Meridian lines, along which energy flows. This energy is often called your life force or Chi (pronounced "chee"). In a healthy individual, there is a normal flow of this energy along these lines at all times and the body, mind and spirit are at ease. When there is an unresolved issue, such as anger towards another person, there is a blockage or interruption of this energy flow and the person is not at ease but has a dis-ease. When the blockage is released and the natural flow of energy is restored, the person returns to a healthy state again.

    Sometimes there is a need for positive energy at a specific frequency to be directed at you. The frequency is determined by your spirit guides. When this energy is directed at you, you generally feel warmth and love and oftentimes want to cry because you feel the love of the Creator.


Are you actually a Healer?


​     I am called an Energy Healer more from tradition than from facts.  As stated in question #1, Disease is caused by life force energy that is blocked or impeded from an unresolved issue. I identify and remove the blockage and you restore the normal flow of energy. In that sense, I am a Facilitator and you are the Healer.      At other times when there is a need for positive energy at a specific frequency to be directed at you, i allow this energy to be directed at you through my hands and an energy healing takes place. The frequency is always determined by your spirit guides. Warmth in your body and an overwhelming feeling of love can be felt by you. 



Are there any harmful effects to your healing method?

Absolutely none. Since the only thing that I am doing is removing blockages or directing the energy that your guides decided on, there can be no side effects. If you are a particulary sensitive person, you might feel heat from your jewelry and watches. If it is uncomfortable, you simply remove them during the session. No patient of mine has ever been burned by this heat. 



I heard that there are a lot of "quacks" who call themselves healers. How do I know that you are not one of them?

I am glad to answer this question because it is a major concern of mine as well. All those who work from Spirit must be humble because the skills used in healing ultimately come from the Creator. That is why I often say that none of what I do is from me but rather from Spirit. I take no credit for the healings only for being a humble servant. Those that call themselves Healers and not explain that they are actually facilitating healings are the ones to be concerned about. 

As for the healings themselves, they take place only if the person allows the healing. Even the greatest "healers" in history, Jesus being the most well-known, were unable to heal everyone.



Do I have to believe in a certain ideology or religion?

Absolutely not. There is no need for any belief system only a belief that you can heal yourself with the help of a facilitator.



Is this a hand-ons type of healing?


Absolutely not. In fact because energy can travel through anything and over any distance, I see no need for ever touching a patient. Most of the work I have done is over the phone and with the Absolute Healing Community I never meet or talk to a patient yet the effects are the same.



Does it always work?


Sadly, the answer is no.  In order for energy healing to be effective, one must "be in allowance", meaning to accept one's ability to heal oneself with the help of a facilitator. Many times people are afraid of their own power to heal and put up barriers to prevent any degree of healing.

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This is a lot for me to take it. Can I call you to learn more?


You are always welcome to send a question to me on the Contact Us page. If you would rather call me, you can do so at 702-416-6590 from 9 am to 6 pm PST. I will do the best I can to answer all your questions.



              Many people are curious about just what Energy Healing is exactly. Please keep an open mind as            you read these Frequently Asked Questions. They are designed to explain how and why I work the                way I do. 

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