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        We have had so much success with the Moldova Technique of Energy Healing that we received many testimonials from satisfied patients. We have included a selection of them here in their own words.  If you would like to include your testimonial, please send it in to us and we will give it every consideration. 


Robert Moldowan has helped me in ways I never thought possible. I have grown so much through his intervention. What is incredible is that it was all done at first by phone consultation, & now by membership in his healing community. Robert has opened doors and lighted paths I didn't even know existed. Most of all, he helped me find true, deep and meaningful love with a gentle and generous soul I thought only existed in my dreams. I perform and travel around the world and sometimes my life can be quite hectic. But with Robert's help, these travels are becoming more and more satisfying and much less stressful. I feel I am becoming so much more focused on the performances at hand, rather than the extraneous stuff around them. Truly satisfying!  His insightful and precise work has had such a positive effect on my life but also the lives of others I come into contact with. Like waves of good that spread like ripples in the water. Thank you Robert. – Genevieve M., Miami, FL


What a difference. It took several months for things to change for me. I get complements from my boyfriend like I never had before. He said all my hang-ups are gone. He is signing up for a membership. -  Carol C., Toronto, Canada


I did not notice any changes and was gonna complane but my husband told me I am so different now and he likes what you have done to me.  He is now not afraid to sign up for a year himself. Such good work with nothing done by me. D'accord. -  Gabriel K., Paris, France


God must have a good place in his heart for you because you are helping so many peoples. I saw you at the church and couldn’t believe how you knew so much about the peoples you never met and than you proved what you said was right by healing them right in front of everybody. My other half and I joined your community and are seeing and feeling such good changes. Just wanted to let you know that we love you and your generous work. - Doug H., Boulder City, NV


It was so much easier then I thought it would ever be. My husband and I are divorcing but he is so more amanable to dividing every thing evenly and doing what our lawyers said it is best. We are at peace with each other and are very good to move on. We will keep seeing each other on the military base but I won't over-rule him as his superior officer. Don't use my real name. Just call me - Beth from Berlin, Germany


Why did I not find you before? You are incredible with your healing powers. Thank you for fixing the pain in my legs. I can run with my kids now. You use your power so good. Thanks so much. - John S., Tampa Bay, FL

Physical Health

My chronic disease has been cured. My doctor is so surprised. My husband wants a membership too. May God bless you, Robert. - Esther W., Spanish Forks, UT


I don’t know about all this energy healing stuff. You have powers that are amazing. You fixed my neck pain after 13 years of pain. Thanks for your work with people like me. - Helen T., Toronto, Canada


You are a gift to humanity. My health has improved beyond my expectations. All at a time when I was ready to give up on getting better. Thank you for using your God given power to help all human beings. God bless. - James A., Glendale, AZ


Unbelievable. The changes started right away for me and a couple of months for my husband. Your newsletter said to be “in allowance” and it was harder for Ralph then me. That is why it took longer for him. Our health is greater and we smile a lot. Honest. Thank you again.  - Cynthia R., Charlotte, NC


Your video on You Tube shows a typical example of your work. You are gifted, know the source of everyone’s problems and energetically heal them. I personally have benefited from my membership is so many ways. My life is so much better and thanks for the PayPal finance program. It lets me make a payment each month rather then one lump payment. I will be a member for life. - Ed H., Atlanta, GA


Never would I believe in energy healing until I saw you at the Unity Church healing every one of their addictions, pain, depression, etc. I was afraid to go up to the front to have you heal me because I am scared to tell people about my sexual problem so I bought a six month membership. Wow, only a few months and I was back to normal with my wife. We are both signing up for a full year. We want to be life time members. Can’t thank you enough man. - Dave R., Las Vegas, NV


You are a special person. You are so warm and humorous and so lacking in the arrogance of other people who claim to do energy healing. I like what you said what you tell your students, I am good at what I do because I’m lazy and I ain’t too bright. You said you remove energy blocks like the ancient Chinese taught you and we let the healing energy move through us to restore your good health. My knees are so painfree that I am not having an operation on them. You surely are from God with your powers. Blessings.  - Julie W., Las Vegas, NV


I bought a membership because my cousin said you were good and I would be healed of my spinal problem like he did of his addiction. My spine is so much better every day I feel it changing with less and less pain each morning when I wake up. I want to go to Las Vegas not to gamble but to see you at your free healing Sunday. Dude, you are so good. - Jason G., Lake Havasu, AZ


My religion told me that only Christ my savior could heal my affliction but I went with my friend to see you in person at the other church and you said Christ say that we can do all that he did and more.  The minister never told us that and I never read the bible. After going up to the front and have you work on me, I now believe that you are one of those who can do energy healing like my savior. He was talking about you and thank you for fixing my bowel problem. I have not been blessed to feel this good since I was very young. I am over sixty years old. God bless you. - Gary W., Huntington Beach, CA


You have fibromyalgia like I have and now after three months on my membership, I feel energized most mornings when I wake up and am following your suggestions on oregano and charcoal. It makes such a difference in my life. You should be honored somehow for the  good works you do.

The cost of membership is so minor compared to the healing benefits.- Barb S., Salem, OR


Emotional Health

I hated my life. Just awful. Everything switched to the better in just a few months after joining your membership. I love my life now. - George H., Los Angeles, CA


I cannot believe it. You told me to write an email to you about my most important problems. Right after I sent it to you, my world started to change. In the last week, all of those problems were fixed. Just like that! Yes, I will be a perment member of your comunity. Thanks so much.  - Susan G., Phoenix, AZ


I have read many books on energy healing and studied holistic methods. Then I saw you at the Unity Church and heard you give a simple explanation and showed how accurate your beliefs are by healing over twelve people in a few minutes each. Wow. I signed up for your healing community and want to take your next training course to learn how to do it myself. -  Angela R., Henderson, NV


Prior to purchasing a membership in the Absolute Healing Community, I had tried every modality I could discover. I traveled the entire country taking every energy healing course available but my life was continuously spiraling downward. My consulting business was virtually depleted of clients, my wife left me, and my body was deteriorating at a fast rate. A friend suggested that I join your healing community and I signed up for a full year. I sent you an email complaining that nothing was happening to me after a few months. You responded that I need to be in allowance, a phrase you are well known for. I decided that I had nothing to lose and let my spirit guides, as you called them, be in contact with me. I tried to be in allowance  but nothing happened. I complained to you again. You told me to STOP TRYING AND JUST LET IT HAPPEN. I must have done it correctly for within a few weeks, my attitude changed and I felt in control of my life. My attitude revived my business tremendously, my wife and I are talking now without arguing and she said that if I want to see her, she will be receptive to the idea AND without any change in diet or exercise, my body changed and I feel very healthy again. There is no explanation for what occurred except that my membership in your healing community brought about all these beneficial changes. I will be a lifetime member and my wife said that she will join your community as well. Will keep you informed of my progress with my wife. I am so grateful to you for your devotion to helping humanity.  - Darian C., New York, NY


Robert. my and my family can never say thank you enough for how you fixed all our family problems. My father and mother have found there way to forgive them each and my sister is now going to see them without any fighting again. I will be excited to see them and have happy tiems with them on my next visitation. You did it with just there names over the phone and you paid for the long-distance call. You deserve all good blessings from your Creator so you call him. We all love you and came and see us if you ever visit Japan. - Handa, Y., Tokyo, Japan


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